Interested in marketing homes to Gainesville College students?

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We know UF students and Santa Fe students want an affordable home near campus and all the attractions Gainesville has to offer. We also know that families want their loved ones to make a good investment in a safe area.

There are homes to fit the needs of any student, family and budget, and there has never been a better time to buy!  With prices at historic lows, there are great homes to meet any student’s needs!

Why Buy instead of rent?

There are many advantages to UF students and other college students buying instead of renting a home:

  • More stable housing costs – You will know how much your payments will be, and there is no landlord to raise your rent!
  • Earn Equity – While college students who rent pay money out to a landlord each month and will never see it again, students who buy a home will be building equity.  Homes often appreciate in value, so home ownership is like having a timed savings plan where each payment grows your savings faster as long as you own the home!
  • It is your own home – You are in charge. You have the freedom to decorate and landscape any way you wish and you can own as many pets as you like. There are no inspections and no one can threaten to evict you for decorating your home.
  • Significant Tax advantages – You will most likely be eligible for significant tax savings! Mortgage interest and property taxes can be deducted from your federal income tax or from your parent’s taxes if you are a dependent.  Also, if you sign on your own or co-sign with a parent you will qualify for the homestead exemption since the house will be your primary home!
  • You can get roommates and live rent free – Having roommates can be both fun and a great investment! Instead of renting a home with friends, they can pay the same amount or less and rent from you!  They get to live with a friend in a great house and you get regular payments to help pay for your very own home!
    • For example: If you buy a 4 bedroom home for $185,000 at 6.3% interest for 30 years, your estimated monthly mortgage payment is under $1,500.00 a month.  If you rent 3 rooms for $500 each, you will pay your entire mortgage bill!